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Refund and Returns Policy

Refund and Returns Policy

Terms and conditions of product and money refund:

Euro Style starts its journey in Bangladesh by makeup and fashion items. Achieving the trust of the local customers by supplying quality and standard products is the main goal of the Euro Style. Euro Style imports the products of good brands directly from Italy, Spain, Germany, France, the UK, and other European countries. The company imports products by composing agreements along with various brands. If any defect is found on the products purchased from the Euro Style, the company is bound to change the product or refund the money. In the case of return, the company will not bear an additional shipping charge. For details, please vide the Return and Refund Policy.

Return and Refund Policy: If you mistakenly get a defective or wrong product from the Euro Style, in this case, you can return or refund this by communicating within 72 hours. But in favor of return or refund, the following terms and conditions have to be followed:

After receiving products from couriers or transporting persons, if you find any defect, spot, or broken, please contact Euro Style Customer Care by taking appropriate photos or mobile videos as proof. For contact to the customer care, you can send message to WhatsApp numbers +88 01967696924, +393453303300 or Facebook Messenger.

– After receiving products from couriers or transporting persons, if you have any complaint after opening the product from the box, you have to contact Customer Care by a maximum of 72 hours.

– After reviewing the complaint of the customer, product return or refund will be selected by the mutual agreement of the buyer and seller. But the customer has to submit the complaint by 72 hours after getting the product by showing the aforementioned proof. Otherwise, the complaint of the customer will not be acceptable.

– After receiving products from couriers or transporting persons, if certain packets of product are torn or product sticker or product level is torn, in this case, return or refund will not be acceptable.

– After receiving the product, if you think that, you ordered the wrong products or it does not suit you, you opened the packets or level, in this return or refund will not apply. But you do not open the packet, level or sticker, you can change the product, in this case, you have to bear the couriers or transporting cost.

– in case of a product return or refund, purchasing invoice and main receipt of the Euro Style have to be sent along with the product- in case of other products except for makeup, cosmetics (Bag, watch, belt, various types of accessories, etc) problem will be solved by conversation by communicating to the Euro Style Customer Care. But one thing has to be remembered that, in case of a product return or refund product packet, sticker, the level cannot be opened or damaged. – The information submitted for the return of the product is inconsistent with the information provided, in which case your product will be returned to you and you / the buyer will have to bear the cost (courier or transportation) for the return of the product.

– In case of product return, this has to be transported through the courier service that is committed along with the Euro Style. Otherwise, Euro Style will take necessary steps to transport this by own responsibility.

– During the Covid-19 Corona pandemic product was supplied abiding by the rules and regulations of the government. For the sake of Corona’s situation and government regulations, if the product delivery is delayed in 3-4 days, that has to be considered normal.